Humans in general seem to resist change; so when change is forced upon us, panic often results.

“We cling to our presumed choices, our dreams, our distant plans and hopes, as if they were lifelines keeping us from careening off into space [my comment: chaos] , and perhaps they are.” -A quote from David Pollard’s blog How to Save the World.

Simply our comfort zone (pattern) is under threat.

What do we do when we have no choice and change is thrust upon us? Seth Godin has some sound advice. Rather than change everything, look for pivtol points to make change work for you. Here are his examples cited on his blog entry:

  • Keep the machines in your factory, but change what they make.
  • Keep your customers, but change what you sell to them.
  • Keep your providers, but change the profit structure.
  • Keep your industry but change where the money comes from.
  • Keep your staff, but change what you do.
  • Keep your mission, but change your scale.
  • Keep your products, but change the way you market them.
  • Keep your customers, but change how much you sell each one.
  • Keep your technology, but use it to do something else.
  • Keep your reputation, but apply it to a different industry or problem.

Trauma counselors are trained to apply what Seth is suggesting. They term it reframing. Apparently, this pattern of reframing can be used in various situations and by various practitioners.

Photo by HansSolo

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