An interesting thing happened 2 days ago:

My daughter was playing a DVD memory game on the TV. The game required that you observe a freeze-frame image taken from the DVD movie for 10-15 seconds. Then you are given 3 questions to assess your powers of observation. The challenge became irresistible and soon I was also competing against the clock. Unfortunately for my self esteem, I did not fare well, no matter how hard I tried!

My wife, who was sitting with us, then made an insightful comment. “It would really help to know the question before scanning the image. It would make getting the answer so much easier.”  Its obvious I know, but dwell on this wisdom for a moment.

If somehow we were empowered with the questions before being presented with a matter, wouldn’t it be easier to discern or perceive answers more astutely?

The significance of this? Perhaps in the quest for knowledge and enlightenment, we need to spend more time working on the questions!

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